What We Do:

We study the physical laws of nature using Ultracold Neutrons (UCN)... and other tools. 

To answer the essential question of

What are the properties of the early universe?

we design experiments to find answers. Our work on beta-decay measurements and electric dipole moment search help to understand how the universe came about:

In our lab, we develop tools using ultracold neutrons (UCN) and design experiments sensitive enough to prove physics at TeV scales. Below is one such example: undergraduate research assistant, Bailey Slaughter, sitting inside a Halbach magnetic array; she was mapping the magnetic fields which are used to levitate ultracold neutrons in the UCNtau experiment. This magnet-lined bathtub has been used to conduct the world's most sensitive measurement of the neutron decay lifetime. To learn more about the UCNtau experiment, click here. To learn more about the other competing experiment (BL3), click here.

Bailey Slaughter
Click the photo above to see the tweet by Chrid Hadfield about our experiment.


Here is another example: postbaccalaureate, Joshua Burdine, standing between the opened door of the completed Magnetically Shielded Room during the acceptance test (November 2021). This magnetically shielded room will be used to suppress the ambient field by 100,000 to perform a measurement of the electric dipole moment of the neutron. To learn more about the LANL nEDM experiment, click here.

Josh Burdine and MSR


Our research on nEDM is highlighted in a short (4-min) National Public Radio program: Why Corned Beef Sandwiches — And The Rest Of The Universe — Exist

To learn more about the nEDM research, click here.

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